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Free RPG Day 2015!

Happy Free RPG Day!

(Receives note)


Sooo…Free RPG Day was yesterday.

Happy Belated Free RPG Day!

Similar to International Tabletop Day, Free RPG Day (which actually came first, having started in 2007) is an retailer-hosted event that offers free samples of various RPGs and other cool stuff. Many stores schedule organized play events like Pathfinder Society or D&D Adventurer’s League on FRPG Day, and you’ll often find pick-up games of all sorts going on as well.

Even thought it was yesterday, your Friendly Local Games Store may still have some swag, so after you’ve taken Dad out for Father’s Day, swing on by and check it out! Heck, take your Dad with you! Maybe he’ll find a new hobby! Or be traumatized. Whichever.