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Humble Pathfinder Bundle!

Hey! *knock knock*
No, not the thing lurking behind you. YOU!

For one dollar. ONE. DOLLAR. You can get PDFs of all of this stuff from the very popular Pathfinder RPG:

Core Rulebook
GameMastery Guide
The Beginner’s Box
Advanced Class Guide (Barbarian Bards!)
GM Screen
PC Folio
The first volume of the Hell’s Rebels adventure path

For more money, you get even more books. And for $25 bucks you can get all the PDFs in the bundle and a physical Beginner Box! (shipping not included)

If you’re interested in Pathfinder (which we reviewed) you’d be crazy not to jump in on this deal. Have it all already? Gift the bundle to somebody! Plus, proceeds go to the charity of your choice at a rate set by you! How can you say no to that?

So get thee to the link below and help a great cause while helping yourself to a stack of books worth hundreds of dollars:

PS: Look for more news on the future of the site soon!  *ominous laughter*